Beer City Beatdown VI

October 9, 2021

3-Person Teams, All-Male or All-Female

Rx, Scaled, Masters 35+, and Masters 45+ Divisions*

(* In divisions with fewer than 5 teams, podium teams will receive prize banners only)

We are very excited to be at a new venue: Summit CrossFit, Asheville, NC


Registration will open August 1!

* Early Bird Registration (through August 28) – $280

* Regular Registration (after August 28) – $310



We need more Judges and Event Staff!

We will guarantee you a minimum of $50 for the day, up to $100 if athlete numbers allow.

Please consider signing up to work.

We can’t put on the event without your help!

Use the form at the bottom, below the team registration form, to sign up!


Proceeds will benefit Special Olympics Buncombe County

More details will be released closer to the event!

Event information


If you are traveling to Asheville for this event, use this link to find a hotel and take advantage of special pricing. These will fill up so book soon!

Movement Minimums per Division

RX / Masters

(Masters may have lighter weights on some movements)
  • Chest-to-bar Pull-up
  • Toes-to-bar
  • Handstand Push-up
  • Clean and Jerk for reps @ 155/105
  • Thruster for reps @ 115/75
  • Snatch for reps @ 135/95
  • Deadlift for reps @ 275/175
  • Shoulder-to-overhead for reps @ 135/95
  • Kettlebell Swing @ 70/53
  • Kettlebell Snatch for reps @ 53/35
  • Box Jump @ 30/24”
  • Slam Ball Squat @ 90/70
  • Slam Ball Over Shoulder @ 90/70
  • Double Under
  • Rowing
  • Assault Bike
  • Running


  • Ring Row
  • Hanging Knee Raise
  • Push-up
  • Clean and Jerk for reps @ 115/65
  • Thruster for reps @ 95/55
  • Snatch for reps @ 115/65
  • Deadlift for reps @ 225/145
  • Shoulder-to-overhead for reps @ 95/55
  • Kettlebell Swing @ 53/35
  • Kettlebell Snatch for reps @ 44/26
  • Box Step Over @ 24/20”
  • Slam Ball Squat @ 70/50
  • Slam Ball Over Shoulder @ 70/50
  • Single Under
  • Rowing
  • Assault Bike
  • Running


(more info will be released here as we get closer to the event)

Workout 1

Minute 0:00-7:00

2-rep Max Snatch

Minute 7:00-9:00

Max Rope Climb Points

*Each athlete will perform a 2-rep max snatch

*The snatch will be taken from the floor and any method will be allowed (squat, power, etc)

*Athletes will have a 0:20 window to perform their 2 reps. The clock will start when the barbell makes its initial movements off the ground and the next repetition must begin before the clock reaches 0:20

*Only 2 attempts will be allowed in the 0:20 window

*Athletes may rotate in any order and athletes may take as many turns as they wish

*Athletes will work one at a time to accumulate as many rope climb points as possible. A legless rope climb equals 6 points, any other rope climb equals 4 point, and rope lowers (to the floor and back) equal 1 point.

*This workout will have 2 separate scores, one for the total pounds lifted by the team and one for total rope climb points

Workout 2

12 Minute AMRAP:

7 Chest-to-Bar Pull-up (SC Ring Row, MA 35+, MA 45+ Pull-up)

7 Handstand Push-up (SC Shoulder to OH 115/65)

7 Hang Clean (RX/MA 35+ 155/105, SC/MA 45+ 115/65)


Max Calorie Concept 2 Bike

*One athlete will be completing a round while one athlete is biking

*Athletes must complete an entire round before rotating in a new athlete

*Athletes may rotate on and off the bike as often and in whatever order they like

*This workout will have 2 separate scores, one for the total reps completed in the amrap and one for total bike calories

Workout 3

4 Rounds for Time:

400m Team Run 

50 Front Squat (RX/MA 35+ 135/95, SC/MA 45+ 95/55)

50/35 Calorie Row

*Teams will run the 400m lap together

*One athlete may be accumulating reps on the front squat while another athlete is accumulating calories on the rower

*Athletes may rotate between the rower and barbell as often as they choose

*Time cap TBD


Workout explanations and movement standards can be found here.



The competition schedule can be found here:

2021 BCBVI heat sheets

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