Crossfit Catawba Valley is hosting its 5th Annual

Row4SO event for the Catawba County Special Olympics

September 18, 2021, at 10:30am

CrossFit Catawba Valley

2055 Main Ave SE

Hickory, NC

About This Event

GOAL: Raise $10,000 (100% of all money raised will go towards this event and Special Olympics)

HOW: Form 10 teams of 10 individuals ($500 per team/$50 per individual). Each team’s goal is to row a marathon (42,195 meters). Each crew member, if divided equally, will row 4,220 meters. This distance can be broken up however the team desires. The average crew member will spend approximate 20-25 min total time on the rower. Each crew member will receive a quality gender-specific event t-shirt.

SIGN UP: Select one person as your “TEAM CAPTAIN”. This person will act as the team liaison and receive all communications about the event. Most event communication and updates will be given via the Crossfit Catawba Valley Facebook page.

Corporate Sponsorship: We are seeking corporate sponsors to sponsor a rower for $250. This sponsorship is tax deductible. Tax forms will be sent to all sponsor upon completion of the event. 

Pleae contact Vinnie Curtis at: 828-320-3880 or for more information about corporate sponsorships.

WHO: This event will be suitable for individuals of all ages and athletic abilities. I would like to challenge everyone to form teams to represent their businesses and organizations in Hickory and the surrounding areas.



1) I want to participate but don’t have enough to form a 10 member team?

We will find you a team! Contact Vinnie Curtis at or 828-320-3880.


2) What if I can’t stay for the entire event?

No problem! Your team can determine who and when you need to show up to row your portion of the event


3) What if we can’t complete the entire 42,195 meters?

No big deal!!! This event is designed to be a fun event for the entire family. 


4) I don’t Crossfit, can I still participate?

Absolutely! Rowing is not a high impact or complex movement. This event is not designed for any specific athletic ability……trust me, Grandma can be on your team if you want.


Direct all questions to Vinnie here.