“We sought to build a program that would best prepare trainees for any physical contingency – prepare them not only for the unknown but for the unknowable.” 
– Greg Glassman


In conjunction with the Beer City Beatdown, 

Unbroken Series Presents:

Date: October 8, 2021

Venue: Summit CrossFit, Asheville, NC

Registration opens August 1.

Early Bird price: $50 without a shirt / $60 with a shirt (through August 28)

Regular price: $60 without a shirt / $70 with a shirt (after August 28)


– Athletes are drawn at random to fill the available slots, 1-24. This determines when they start (if they get to watch other heats go before them) and who else is in their heat(s) with them.

– All athletes are guaranteed 3 WODs.

– Only the top athletes in each division will participate in the 4th WOD.

– WODs are short (< 9:00 each) couplets and triplets. These are designed to lessen overall exertion for each athlete (especially keeping in mind those planning to compete at Beer City Beatdown the next day), short heat transitions, fun for spectators to watch, and to allow for multiple WODs in a short time. 

Format is subject to change – depending on the amount of athletes registered.

Top 3 finishers make the podium.

WOD 1 

3 Rounds for Time: Triplet (9:00 cap)

WOD 2 

3 Rounds for Time: Couplet (9:00 cap)

WOD 3 

2 Rounds for Time: Triplet (9:00 cap)

WOD 4 

4 Rounds for Time: Couplet (9:00 cap)


Below is a tentative list of what you might see:

– Ring Muscle-Ups

– Rope Climbs

– 500m Row

– 12 Box Jump Overs 30/24

– 10 Burpee Over Bar

– 6 Bar Muscle-Ups

– 8 Snatch 135/95

– 8 Clean and Jerk 205/135

– 15 Thrusters 95/75

– 15 Overhead Squat 95/75

– 15 C2B Pull-Ups

– 15 Toe To Bar

– 15 Toe To Bar

– 15 KB Swings 70/53

– 14 KB Snatch (Alternating) 53/35

– 15 Goblet Squats (w/KBs 53/35)

– 16 Overhead Lunges (45# Plate)

– 20 Wallball (20/14 – All to 10′ Target)

– 75 Double Unders

– 30 Pistols (Alternating)

– 8 Dead Lift (315/225)

– 50′ Handstand Walk

– 12 Strict Ring Dips


If a movement comes out of the Hopper, does it go back in?
No. Once it’s out, it stays out.
Isn't there a possibility that 3 gymnastics pulling movements (bar muscle-ups, chest to bar pull-ups and toe to bar, let's say) could all be pulled out of the hopper for the same WOD?
Yes. It’s a possibility. It’s unlikely. But it could happen. Drawing Dead Lift, then Snatch, then Clean could also happen. Unlikely, but possible. That’s why this event is very different.
Do the athletes in the later heats have an advantage since they get to see the athletes in the earlier heats?
Perhaps. If we can figure out a way to sequester the athletes waiting on their heats, we will.
What if, by luck of the athlete draw, one heat gets stacked with all the strongest athletes?
Could happen. They’ll have to step up.
What if the "best" athlete doesn't win?
So be it! This event is a combination of skill AND luck. It’s about how the cards fall and how the athletes respond. It’s the unknown and unknowable. If you have to know exactly what’s going to happen at a competition, that’s cool, but that’s not this event.