HOST AN EVEWould you like to build an Unbroken Series event in your home city/affiliate or link an existing event to our Series?


 Great! Contact us and we can discuss details.


‘levWhy link with Unbroken?

– Linking with Unbroken provides access to support and various platforms to assist your event’s execution:

1. Online, mobile-friendly registration for your event, as well as assistance with event webpage, scoring platforms, marketing, programming, logistics, suggestions on insurance and permitting, etc. (everything you’ll want to consider for a great event).

2. Access to our database of thousands of athletes across our region, as well as dozens of potential sponsors and/or vendors.

3. We are here as resources and support to help you and your team, whether remotely or in-person, orchestrate a strong event.

4. For our base level of involvement, which includes hosting your event web page, managing registrations and payments, and marketing through our email database and online media, our fee is 10% of your event’s gross revenue. Additional options for Unbroken Series’ involvement in your event is fully customizable to your event and your needs. For anything above our base level of involvement, our percentage is determined based on your specific needs. We do not have a flat fee, only a percentage of the gross revenue. This means we are fully invested in your event, as the more it succeeds, the more we succeed. If it’s not well attended, we aren’t making money either.


Yes, there are other series out there and we support them, attend their events and are fans of theirs!

Unbroken, however, is different in a few significant areas:

 Quality over quantity. We aren’t looking to have hundreds of events. Our goal is to build a network of like-minded, community-focused events, to establish and maintain personal relationships with event managers, volunteers, sponsors and athletes.

 We take a smaller percentage. Bottom line, you get to keep more money.

 We’re accessible and more involved. We are here to help you, your team and your event if asked. We’re not simply a website “homebase” for various events. We can provide remote assistance through a quick phone call or video chat and/or we can be on-site changing weights between WODs (and everything in between).

 You have access to your registration fees as participants sign up. We can send you the registration money periodically as it comes in and you need it, or all at the end after registration closes. Having access to funds before the event can be critical when making purchases/rentals needed to host your event.

 You can control your online web presence. We provide the platform and resources, but you have full control over the content. We will make changes, add/delete content, post information, etc. as you need. As many times as you need. No problem.

 We emphasize community involvement. We’ll encourage you to give back if you’re not already doing so. There are many ways to do this, financial and otherwise. It’s part of who you are and definitely part of what we are. We want athletes, teams and sponsors to know that if they are supporting an Unbroken Series event, then they are also supporting an organization(s) and/or individuals working to make their communities a better place.


In summary, our goal is to provide more support, more resources, more access to finances and information, all for less money. We are here to allow you to do less work, have a successful event and take home more.

Contact us today to learn more!