Join us for the 3nd annual functional fitness competition

Lost River Rumble

Part of the Mammoth Strength Challenge

January 24, 2021

WKU Ag Expo Center in Bowling Green, KY.

Come show what CrossFitters are capable of, alongside
Strongman competitors and Highland Games athletes.  

Two-person teams, FF / MF / MM 

Rx and Masters/Scaled  

* If fewer than 5 Masters teams sign up in any category (FF, MF, MM),  

they will compete against the Scaled teams of the same gender pairing. 

* If 5 or more teams sign up in any Masters category,  

we will create a separate category for them to compete only with other Masters teams.  

Price: $170 per team 

Registration deadline: January 17, 2021

T-shirt deadline: 11:59pm on January 14, 2021


covid policy

* We have a limited capacity at the venue, including all athletes, event staff, and spectators.

* Masks will be required for entry into the venue, and temperatures will be taken at the door. 

* All spectators will be asked to wear masks and maintain the appropriate social distancing at all times. 

* Athletes are asked to wear masks at all times, with the exception of when you are in the warm up area or in your team’s workout space. Please wear a mask to the Athlete Briefing, into the warm up area, and onto the competition floor until you get to your lane. Please put your mask back on to leave your lane after your workout.

The Workouts

Workout #1

4:00 AMRAP burpees over the bar

straight into

7:00 for both athletes to find a 1RM snatch


Workout #2

9:00 cap 

4 rounds

20 synchro weighted abmat sit ups

partner sled drag 75 ft down and 75 ft back

* ALL teams will use a 14# wall ball and a 20# wall ball 

* sled weights (not including the 40# sled) 

        Rx: 225/160# 

        Scaled / Masters: 160/90# 

        Coed (Rx/Sc): 190/125# 


16 min

4 rounds 

20 box jump overs

30 double KB thrusters, with the other partner in a double KB static hold 

~100m run 

* box heights:

       Rx: 30/24″ 

       Scaled / Masters: 24/20″ 

* KB thruster weights: 

       Rx: 44/35#

       Scaled / Masters: 35/26#

* KB static hold weights:

       All Rx athletes: 53#

       All Scaled athletes: 44#

workout #4

partner fat bar Grace

60 clean and jerks with a fat bar 

* weights (including 25# fat bar):

       Rx: 115/85#

       Scaled / Masters: 85/55# 


The workout descriptions can be found here.

The movement standards can be found here.


The heat sheets can be found here.


The Live Leaderboard can be found here.